“That’s true, i have strong influence of Ren Hang but I’m trying to do something different, Terry Richardson also is one of my favorite artist.”

“I started photography 8 months ago when I made personal Instagram account. Thus I’ve been observed and studied a lot about photographers and visual artist. I’m more a visual person.”

Lao xiexie lives in shanghai, her photography seems want to colliding a traditional culture with a culture of freedom for young people.

“Yes, the true inside my photos there are many links to the visual culture of China, mix with a touch of modern identity. You can find your own message inside every single pictures, sometimes you don’t need to explain what are you looking for, the most important think is create some emotion”
“When you can feel it, after that understand what i meant, therefore I’m doing a good job”

“Is photography important for you?” I asked.
“I don’t really interested in photography itself”
“I just use photos to figure out my ideas, I consider this media more visually strong then others, that’s why I chose this direction.”

“When I saw your photos, there are many intimate photographs. Is it okay to posting this issue in China?”
“It’s not the country make the freedom but a single person”
“If you think about Araki,”
“you know his work, right?”
“I think at his era, it was not easy to publish his masterpiece works.”

“Have you ever been banned?”
“Nope, even on Instagram”
“Btw, in my pictures i never shown something too explicit or vulgar, i try to keep the body as a form of art around the composition”
“Or maybe the time is changing, i don’t know”

“Which one is your favorite?”
“Hmmm, i love this one,” she showed me one picture, a girl inside a shopping cart.
“The composition is very powerful and you can add many meaning behind that, like the mercification of the woman body in our society, social media body supermarket as tinder and all many dating apps”
“Ahh, i see”

“You always make a hashtag, #antifashion. what do you think about it?”
“To be honest #antifashion for me is just one hashtag I’m using because sounds cool, but if one day Gucci or some other brand will ask me to shoot a campaign I will be glad to do it”


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