Yeh Shu-Yu.(葉書羽), after quit her job, she started to try freelance life as a photographer. 

“My family always thinks that photography will starve me like an artist, so they don’t encourage me to try photography.” She explained.

“I never thought I would fall in love with “Photography”

“At first, I just wanted to record scenery and memories. But once, I filmed an ordinary looking classmate turned into a fairy maiden, and I felt this great sense of this session, then It became my first journey of my photography.”
“I have been studying graphic design for seven years, but photography was not a required course, so I didn’t learn much.”

“My photography is almost self-taught. I explored by myself and then found strangers to let me practice taking pictures.”

In 2016, 2017 and this 2019, Shu-Yu got an Honorable Mention from the International Photogaphy Award. Some of her works were also published in Vogue magazine as the 500 best of portofolio.

“I am a very depressing and coward person”
“but photography makes me express a lot of emotions”
“And makes me brave, because I will meet many strangers and take pictures in many strange scenes.”

“In the later stage, I also found that my own shadow is projected into the photography.”

If you see her works, it shown a lot of intimacy between humans and nature.

“I want to escape Taipei, I want to escape from this city”

“But I cant”

“I can’t leave the city where I grew up”

“Photography is one of the comforts that allow me to escape temporarily.”

“That’s why my works full of nature landscape.”
“beside that, your work shows a lot of female figures. What do you want to convey through the female figure?” 

“I’m a female photographer, maybe because I’ma girl, so I have won the trust of many strange girls.”

“I like to take pictures of strange girls, usually ordinary girls who had no experience in their pictures being taken, rather than beautiful models loved by most photographers.”
“They don’t even know me, and they aren’t professional models”
“they just believe to be recorded by me”
“I’m very greatful”

“I hope those strange girls can see their uniqely-beauty through my photos.”

“Then the women’s body is in the eyes of the photographer, like a work of art, rather than an object that pleases man.”

Dec 2019

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