At first Corola was just pictures for Inktober 2019 with a simple story about a warrior who fought the titans. Then Tov as the author and illustrator developed his story and packed it into an artbook. And he just happens love to write fantasy-fiction.

“In short, Corola tells the story of a princess who turned into a warrior in order to crush the giant titans who invaded her homeland and killed everyone including her parents, the King and the Queen, then she was nicknamed the Titan Slayer.” Tov explained.

“Corola was taken from the term ‘corolla’ which means flower petals because the cloak that was split (before the battle was torn)”

“To me, it’s looks like a petal.”

“Through Corola’s story I want to show that wounds, loss, sadness, all of that can completely change our lives. Then, why not change it for the better?”
“Because of the loss of his home and loved ones, Corola, who was once a weak and cowardly king’s daughter, was required to turn herself into a strong and brave warrior by training hard and learn many things.”

Corola’s story artbooks are limited, only 300 copies, so that those who are interested feel special about having them.

To get it, you can buy it on the Tokopedia marketplace or at
Taufik Hidayat or familiarly called Tov is a freelance illustrator & graphic designer. Lives in the city of Bogor, Indonesia. Tov chose drawing to express his imagination and for him drawing brought peace.

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