FUR Digital is an online bimonthly creative platform that champions emerging Indonesian talents.

Vision & Mission
We bring emerging Indonesian creatives to a new generation of art enthusiasts. This collective is curated collaboratively with expertise for the specific purpose of bringing art into your life. Creating the only locally relevant curated art collections that enables constant discovery with no barriers.

Meet the team
Desta ‘Ruki’ – Co-Founder & Creative Director  |   @_____nry
Debra Raymond – Co-Founder & Brand    |    @deb.ra
Arman Dhani- Editor in Chief    |    @armndhani
Maharani Katansa – CEO    |   @rrnniii_
Rezy Junio – Film / Video team    |    @rezy_junio
Gibran Alghifari – Film / Video team    |    @gibranghi
Idham – Web Developer    |    @idhm

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